On occasion, you may want to manually add a commission for an ambassador. This may be to provide a bonus for an ambassador that is performing exceptionally well in your referral program or to capture an event that wouldn’t normally trigger a commission (ex. a sale that happens via a phone call).

How do I add a manual commission?

Account admins can manually add commissions either individually or multiple simultaneously via a CSV file. To upload commissions individually, follow the steps below.
Step 1: In the navigation menu on the left, click "Commissions." 

Step 2: Next, click the blue “Add Commission” button in the top right corner to add an individual commission.

Step 3: A pop-up will appear to enter your commission.
 Please note, if you would like to add commissions in bulk, click the “Import Commissions” button instead and follow the on-screen steps for uploading your CSV file. 

Step 4: Within this form, you will need to complete the following fields: 

  • Campaign: This is where you’ll associate the commission with the campaign. Use the drop-down menu to select the campaign.

  • Commission: You can either fill this in with a set amount or leave the field blank so it is calculated based on your campaign settings.

For example, if the commission in your campaign is set to a flat monetary amount of $10, leaving this field blank would result in a $10 commission. 

  • Revenue: This field is optional unless you are leaving the commission blank and the campaign is set to award a commission that is a percentage of the revenue.

For example, if the commission in your campaign is set to a percentage monetary amount of 10%, leaving the commission field blank but adding a revenue of $100 would result in a $10 commission. 

  • Referrer: This is where you will add the email address for the ambassador receiving the commission. To trigger a commission email, check the “Notify referrer” box to the right.

  • Customer Email: This is where you will add the email address for the person the ambassador referred. To create the referee as an ambassador, check the “Create as ambassador” box to the right.

Please note, a customer email address is required. If you are adding a commission that is not based on a referral, you will need to add a dummy email address. We recommend using a naming convention that can easily be identified such as commission@companyname.com for the customer email address. If you are adding multiple commissions, we recommend adding the date (ex. commissions[date]@companyname.com).
Step 5: When you have completed the form, click the blue “Add Commission” button to save.

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