Automated Payouts are a great way to save time! By automating payouts, you can schedule a recurring payment to all of your Ambassadors with approved commissions.
Please note, Automated Payouts are only available for Professional and Enterprise plans.


How do I automate payouts?

After setting up your payment method here, enabling Automated Payouts is a quick and easy process.
Step 1: Go to the navigation menu on the left and click "Settings." 

Step 2: Next, click the “Payments” tab.

Step 3: Under “Payment Options,” hover over “Automated Payouts” and you'll see a button appear. Click “Configure” and you'll end up here.

Step 4: Next, you’ll need to check the “Enable Automated Payments” box. 

Step 5: Once you’ve clicked to enable Automated Payouts, a drop-down menu will appear with a few options to configure your method of payment.

  • Payout Methods: Automated Payout options include PayPal, vouchers, and gift cards. Check the box next to the payment method you would like to use.

  • Payout Threshold: The payout threshold is the amount that is required to be in an Ambassador's account to receive a payout. Only approved commissions will be eligible to count toward the payout threshold.

  • Payout Schedule: You can select one of four options for when payouts will be scheduled. Payouts can be made immediately, weekly (simply choose the day of the week), monthly (choose the day of the month) or on a specific date in the future.

Step 6: After you’ve completed your automated payment preferences, click “Save Changes.”
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