By default, the Ambassador Portal is set to live at yourcompanyname.getambassador.com for Professional and Enterprise plans and my.getambassador.com for the Starter plan. Creating a custom domain for your Ambassador Portal is a great way to keep your branding consistent and provide a white labeled experience for your ambassadors. Please note, this feature is only available for those on the Enterprise plan. 


How do I create a custom domain for my portal?

If you want your portal to live on a custom domain, such as refer.yourcompanyname.com, follow these steps. Please note, before getting started, you’ll need your own SSL certificate(s) and key files. Additionally, the CNAME record for your domain will need to point to portals.getambassador.com.
For more information on purchasing and creating SSL certificate and key files, check out our support article: SSL Certificate and Key File Resources
Step 1: In the navigation menu on the left, click "Portal." 

Step 2: At the top of this page, you’ll see several tabs. Click the “Custom Domain” tab on the far right. You’ll end up here

Step 3: Click the blue “Connect a custom domain” button. 

Step 4: A page will then load to enter your domain and upload your SSL certificate and key files. You can either click the “Choose one to upload” button or drag and drop the file in its corresponding section. 

Step 5: When complete, click the blue “Add Domain” button and the upload process will begin. 

During the upload process, there are potential errors you may encounter, most commonly due to file formatting. If you receive any error messages, please review our support article for more information on how to resolve: What do my custom domain errors mean?

Step 6: Upon successful upload, you will need to update your DNS as instructed on screen. Please note, if you don’t see your portal live right away, you’ll want to ensure your DNS has been updated. Most DNS providers take effect within the hour of making an update, though it can take up to 48 hours to propagate. 

Step 7: When complete, click the blue “Continue” button. You’ll then be able to view your custom domain as well as the expiration date. Please note, you will receive notices from Ambassador as your SSL certificates approach their expiration date so that you can renew them without interrupting your portal.

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