Looking to take your referral program to the next level? We’ve compiled a list of key recommendations from our Success Coaches. 

Implement these tips to boost awareness and increase engage with ambassadors!

Tip #1: Build a nurture campaign

“Create a big batch of engagement emails that you can trigger in a drip sequence once an ambassador is enrolled in your program. I suggest sending these on a weekly cadence for the first month and then once a month after that. It's a bit of work putting the content together up front, but will save you a ton of time down the line when other priorities come up!” -Crystal McHenry

Tip #2: Set ambassadors up for success

“Activating a new ambassador is key for driving referrals. A great way to accomplish this is by developing best practice guides or video tutorials for your program. Share these resources out via email when someone is first enrolled; it’s an easy way to ensure ambassadors have all the tools they need from the start!” -Courtney Opie

Tip #3: Identify and share what's working well

“Our Dashboard reporting is an excellent resource for identifying your top ambassadors. Reach out to your best ambassadors directly to find out what has led to their success! This can be done through a survey or a personalized email asking what advice they would share with other ambassadors. Once you’ve compiled these tips, share them in a blog post or engagement email so your other ambassadors can implement these suggestions.” -Liz Badder

Tip #4: Bake the referral program into everything

“I recommend engaging your ambassadors in places you’re already communicating with them. Do you have a monthly newsletter, private Facebook group, or Slack channel? Mention the referral program in all of these! Constantly assess where the referral program can be incorporated into existing marketing efforts. The more visibility you give the program, the better.” -Tamara Hain

Tip #5: Reward top performers

“Boost engagement during slower sales cycles by running a contest on top of your referral program. You can provide ambassadors with additional rewards for having the most referrals. A great way to keep ambassadors motivated is to send a daily email with a top 10 ranking. Take it a step further by providing a new tip or suggested share copy in each of these status emails.” -Alex Nash


Looking for more best practices? 

We recommend reaching out to your dedicated Success Coach to schedule a call to review your program and discuss ways to further optimize. 

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