We're excited to announce the launch of three custom sharing options to provide your ambassadors with more control over their referral links and codes! Turn these on by heading to the "Sharing" section of your campaign setup under advanced options. 

Once enabled, ambassadors will be able to change how their links appear, add parameters for further tracking, and redirect their links to different pages on your site. 

Read more on how each option works below! 💁

Custom Share Codes

Let your ambassadors replace their pre-generated share codes with their own friendly versions to make their links and codes more personal and memorable. If you use codes instead of links for sharing and tracking, this is a huge opportunity for your ambassadors as memorable codes convert better and allow them to more easily reach new audiences on networks like YouTube and Instagram.

Give your ambassadors access to improved analytics with the ability to create multiple share links in a single campaign. With multiple share links, ambassadors can use separate links for various mediums and sources to gain additional insight into the performance of each and determine their highest-value activities. 💪

Custom Landing Pages

Allow your ambassadors to point their links to different landing pages, such as specific product pages or blog posts on your site, and include their own query parameters for more advanced tracking. This is particularly helpful for affiliates and influencers when they're promoting specific products, services, or promotions you offer. 

That's it! We hope you love these new features and use them to take your program to new and exciting heights! 📈

Want to learn more? 

Great! Check out How do I create a campaign? for step-by-step instructions on how to set up your new custom sharing options. 

Still not satisfied? Head over to Share Links Customization Overview for a full breakdown of how everything works.

Note: Custom sharing options are only available on our Enterprise plan. Interested in adding them to your account? Let us know and your Success Coach will be in touch! 

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