A commission is the reward that an ambassador earns from your campaign. All commissions are created in a pending state and need to be manually approved or denied, unless you have configured the automatic approval of commissions. 


How do I approve or deny a commission?

Follow these steps to approve or deny the pending commissions your ambassadors have earned.

Step 1:
In the navigation menu on the left, click "Commissions." 

Step 2: On this page, under the "Pending" tab, you’ll be able to see a list of all pending commissions with information such as the date, ambassador, referred customer and more. 

Step 3: To approve a commission, check the box to the left of the commission date. You can even check multiple commissions at once to apply a bulk action. Once the commission is selected, buttons will appear at the top to “Approve” or “Deny” the commission. 

Step 4: A confirmation box will then appear to verify your approval or denial of the commission(s). 

Any approved commissions will move to the “Unpaid” tab while denied commissions will move to the “History” tab. 


Can I unapprove commissions?

If you accidentally approve a commission, and it has yet to be paid, you can easily reverse the status from the “Unpaid” tab. Simply check the box next to the “Date Approved” and buttons will appear at the top.

Next, click the “Unapprove” button and you can either unapprove and move the commission back to a pending state or deny it. 


Will approved commissions automatically be paid out?

Unless automated payouts are enabled, approving a commission does not mean it is paid out to an ambassador. For step-by-step instructions to manually fulfill a payout in the “Unpaid” tab, check out our support article: How do I make a payout?

To configure automated payment settings, check out our support article: How do I set up payment methods by campaign? Please note, automated payouts are only available for Professional and Enterprise plans. 

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