On occasion, you may want to manually add a commission for an ambassador. This may be to provide a bonus for an ambassador that is performing exceptionally well in your referral program, or to capture an event that wouldn’t normally trigger a commission (ex. a sale that happens via a phone call). 


How do I manually add a commission?

You can manually add commissions either individually or upload multiple simultaneously via a CSV file. To add commissions individually, follow the steps below. 

Step 1: In the navigation menu on the left, click "Commissions." 

Step 2: Once on this page, click the blue “Add Commission” button in the top right corner to add an individual commission. Please note, if you would like to upload commissions in bulk, click the “Import Commissions” button instead and follow the on-screen steps for uploading your CSV file. 

Step 3: A pop-up will appear to enter your commission. You’ll begin in the “Referral” step by adding details for the ambassador and referee. 

  • Ambassador Email: Enter the email address for the ambassador receiving the commission.

  • Referred Email: Enter the email address for the person the ambassador referred. To create the referee as an ambassador, select the “Show more options” drop-down. You can then select the status and segment for the referee. 

Please note, a referred email is required. If you are adding a commission that is not based on a referral, you will need to add a dummy email address. We recommend using a naming convention that can easily be identified such as commission@companyname.com for the referred email address. If you are adding multiple commissions, we recommend adding the date (ex. commissions[date]@companyname.com).

Click “Next” when complete to move on to the “Commission” step.

Step 4: Next, you will add the commission details and status. 

  • Campaign: Select the campaign the commission is attributed to.

  • Commission: Enter the commission amount here.

  • Revenue: Enter the revenue amount from the transaction. Please note, this is a required field for campaigns with a percentage reward. 

Select the “Show more options” drop-down to enter additional details such as the transaction ID and event data. Then, you can opt to simply add the commission or simultaneously approve it. 

When complete, click “Next” to move on to the “Notify” step. 

Step 5: Within this section you’ll choose whether to notify the ambassador or not. 

  • Ambassador Notifications: Select to send a notification email or to not send anything. If you selected “Just add the commission” in the previous step, you’ll have the option to send the Pending Commission email. If you selected “Add and approve commission,” you’ll have the option to send the Approved Commission email.

  • Referred Customer Notifications: This section will only be visible if you selected to enroll the referred contact. In this section you can choose to send the New Ambassador welcome email, the Campaign Access email or to not send anything. 

Need a refresher? For more information on these emails, check out our support article: What emails can be sent by Ambassador?

Click “Next” when complete to move on to the “Review” step. 

Step 6:  When complete, review your selections and click the green “Add Commission” button to save.

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