On occasion, you may have an ambassador reach out with questions regarding their payouts. Accessing the payout details is a great way to assist ambassadors with these questions. 

For example, if an ambassador received a gift card payout and can’t remember their gift card number, you can easily retrieve that data in the Payment History section. 


How do I view payment details?

Follow these steps to view details on any payouts that have been made in your account. 

Step 1: Navigate to the “Payment History” table within your account. A button linking to this table can be found in the top-right corner under the "Commissions" section.  

Step 2: On this page, there is a column titled “Reference ID.” By clicking the Reference ID, you’ll be able to view additional details about the payout.  

 Step 3: After clicking the Reference ID, a modal will appear. The details provided in this modal will vary by payout type.

In the example below, the Visa prepaid card number and redemption URL are available. Note: All gift card types vary in the information provided. For example, Tango Cards recipients receive a card number and pin while Amazon cards require a card number only. 

In comparison, a PayPal payout, as shown below, includes a Reference ID that can be used to identify the payout in your PayPal account. 

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