Campaigns are the focus of every referral program. A campaign is the combination of a who, what and how. 

  • Who are your ambassadors?

  • What is the event or events that you are tracking? 

  • How are you rewarding your ambassadors? 

For example, your campaign may look something like this: Customers will earn $25 gift card for each friend they refer that completes a purchase. 

  • Who: Your ambassadors are customers. 

  • What: The event you're tracking is a purchase. 

  • How: The reward is a $25 gift card. 


Should I create more than one campaign?

You can create a single campaign or multiple campaigns to achieve various objectives. Many companies choose to run multiple program types through Ambassador and provide different rewards based on the program type. Common program types include customers, affiliates, influencers or partners.
For example, a company may run both a customer and affiliate program utilizing Ambassadors. For customers, they may reward $25 per referral, while affiliates will earn 15% since they are sending a higher volume of referrals.
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