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What is the Refer-A-Friend (RAF) module?
What is the Refer-A-Friend (RAF) module?
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The Refer-a-Friend (RAF) module is a great way to quickly get ambassadors enrolled in your referral program and sharing your company with their network.
 The RAF module features two main elements: 

  • Enroll: The first screen (the prompt) allows ambassadors to enroll via a simple email field. Once your ambassador has submitted their email address, they’ll automatically be enrolled in your referral program and receive the New Ambassador welcome email.

  • Share: The second screen (the widget) features pre-populated messaging that you have created for ambassadors to easily share their referral link with their network via email, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.


What does the RAF module look like?

The RAF module offers nearly complete customization from branding to your company colors to how you message your referral program. This module can either be embedded in a page on your website or displayed via modal pop-up. Here are some examples of the RAF module:

Embedded RAF Module Example:

Modal RAF Module Example: 

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