Within your campaign, you determine the type of reward and when your ambassadors receive it. The most common rewards include cash, gift cards, store credit or virtual currency (such points).

What is a commission?

A commission is the reward provided to an ambassador for referrals that meet your referring event criteria. You can choose between a monetary commission (ex. cash) or a non-monetary commission (ex. swag).

When are commissions earned?

Your ambassadors will receive a unique URL that we’ll use to track conversions as they share their link with their network. Once the event you’re rewarding has been completed, your ambassador will be eligible to receive their commission. Please note, for an ambassador to receive a reward, you will need to approve the pending commission and make the payout.
For example if the event you’re rewarding is a purchase, the ambassador receives a pending commission after the new customer they referred completes payment.

How do I choose a commission structure?

For more information on picking the right incentive structure for your referral program, checkout this helpful eBook: Choosing An Incentive Structure.

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