Segments allow you to group your ambassadors into different categories (ex. customers, affiliates, influencers, VIPs, etc.) and determine who will have access to private campaigns.  

Why should I segment my ambassadors?

Businesses group their ambassadors for many reasons, including the ability to distinguish different ambassador types (ex. customers vs. affiliates) or to separate ambassadors by performance. For example, you may want to invite your top performers to a campaign with a higher reward. In this scenario, a private campaign for top ambassadors is necessary and a segment is required to allow them access to that campaign.

Can an ambassador belong to more than one segment?

Yes, if you would like an ambassador to have access to more than one private campaign, you can add them to multiple segments.

How do I create a segment?

To create a new segment, follow these steps:
Step 1: In the navigation menu on the left, click “Segments.”

 Step 2: In this section, you can view, edit and add new segments. To create a new segment, click the "New Segment" button.

Step 3: A new page will load to add details about your segment, such as the name and description. Please note, the segment name will be visible to your ambassadors, but the description will not.

You also have the ability to set conditions to automatically add ambassadors to the segment based on specific criteria being met. Please note, smart segments are only available for those on Professional and Enterprise plans.

Step 4: When complete, click “Save Segment.”

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