Automated notifications can be sent to your ambassadors throughout their experience in your referral program. Emails can be sent to your ambassadors when: 

  • They earn a pending commission.

  • Their commission has been approved or denied.

  • They earn a pending welcome bonus.

  • Their welcome bonus has been approved.

  • Their payout is fulfilled.

  • They enroll in your program either via your Ambassador Portal or a Refer-a-Friend module.

  • They earn a $0 commission.

  • Their account is activated or deactivated.

  • They are enrolled in a new campaign.

For more information about each of these emails, check out our support article: What emails can be sent by Ambassador? 


What if I want to disable certain notifications?

Most of the emails sent to your ambassadors can be toggled on or off within each of your campaigns. These campaign-level settings allow greater flexibility to determine when and how you notify your ambassadors. For steps to enable or disable these emails in your campaigns, check out our support article: How do I customize emails sent by Ambassador?
Certain emails, such as the New Ambassador, Fulfilled Payout, Ambassador Activated and Ambassador Deactivated emails, cannot be enabled or disabled within the campaign. Your notification preferences for these emails are applied on an account-level within your "Notifications" settings. Within this section of your account, you can also easily modify your own email preferences by following these steps.
Step 1: In the navigation menu on the left, click "Settings."

Step 2: Next, click the “Notifications” tab. You'll be taken here

Step 3: Once on this page, use the toggle buttons next to the email type to enable or disable the email from being sent. Your preferences will be saved automatically. 

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