Contacts are all of the people that are in your Ambassador account. There are several different types of contacts, including ambassadors, prospects, unsubscribed and banned contacts.


What types of contacts are there?

  • Ambassadors: Contacts that are enrolled in your referral program are ambassadors. These individuals typically have access to at least one of your campaigns. Ambassadors can be anyone from customers and employees to affiliates, influencers or partners. 

  • Prospects: Contacts that are not yet enrolled in your referral program are prospects. These could be current or former customers that have not joined your referral program yet. By default, anyone that an ambassador refers that is not automatically enrolled in your referral program is added as a prospect. Please note, no action is required for contacts in the prospect state. You can opt to leave these contacts as is or enroll them in your program. 

  • Unsubscribed: Ambassadors are provided with the option to opt-out of communications that you've sent to them through Ambassador or the referral program as a whole. In the event that someone unsubscribes from your emails or program, their status will be updated accordingly. Additionally, if you choose to unsubscribe an ambassador, they will end up in this section. The "Unsubscribed" tab is also a great place to upload any opt-out lists that you have from other email service providers that you use such as MailChimp, HubSpot or Eloqua. For more information on importing these lists, check out this support article: How do I import my contacts?

  • Flagged: If you are on an Enterprise plan and have our Security functionality enabled, you will be able to view any contacts that have been flagged as suspicious.

  • Banned: If you would like to block an ambassador from any campaign that they're currently in, as well as any future campaigns that you create, you can ban them. This ban can be reversed at any time.


Where do I manage my contacts?

To manage your contacts, navigate to the "Contacts" section in the navigation menu on the left. Once on this page, you'll see a tab to view all contacts or individual tabs for "Ambassadors," "Prospects," "Unsubscribed," "Flagged" and "Banned."

You can filter your contacts based on specific criteria by using the "Filters" drop-down menu on the far right. 

Within the Contacts table, you can check the box next to a single contact or multiple contacts to proceed with any of the following actions: 

  • Change a contact's status to enroll them as an ambassador, unsubscribe them from future communications or ban them from all current and future campaigns.

  • Add or remove a contact from a segment.

  • Send a contact the New Ambassador welcome email or Update Payment Info email.

  • For those with Security functionality, you can also unflag and whitelist your ambassadors.

To view more granular information about a contact or make more detailed updates to their account, you can click on the contact's email address to go to their individual profile. 

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