Before moving a campaign from test to live mode, we recommend running through an end-to-end test. When testing a campaign that is not live, the ambassador whose referral link you are using will also need to be in test mode.

How do I add an ambassador in test mode?

Follow the steps below to create yourself, or a fellow employee, as an ambassador in test mode.
Step 1: In the navigation menu on the left, click “Contacts.” 

Step 2: On this page, click the “Add Contact” button in the top-right corner and a pop-up will appear. 

Step 3: Next, complete each section in the Add Contact form.

  • Contact Info: At minimum, you will need to add the contact's email address. The first and last name fields are optional. Before moving on to the next section, check the "Create in test mode" box.

  • Segments: This is where you will add your contact to a segment to give them access to a specific private campaign. Once complete, click "Next" to create your contact as an ambassador.

  • Status: To provide the contact with access to your referral program, click "Enroll." Upon selecting enroll, a new section will appear at the top with notification options. Click "Next" to choose how to notify your ambassador. Please note, prospects, unsubscribed and banned contacts will not have campaign access. 

  • Notify: If you would like the ambassador to receive the New Ambassador welcome email with their unique referral link, click "Send the Welcome Email." Once complete, click "Next" to move on to the final section.

  • Review: The last section is where you can view and edit your options before adding the ambassador. If everything looks good to go, click "Add Contact" to create your test ambassador.

Step 4: Once your contact has been added, you will see them in the "Contacts" section under the "Ambassadors" tab. The blue dot under the ambassador's avatar indicates they are in test mode.

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