When setting up your campaign, you’ll be asked to add a landing page URL. This URL is where an ambassador’s referral link will point to when they share it with their network.


How do I tag my URL for Google Analytics?

If you are using Google Analytics and want to track information for your referral program, follow these steps to tag your landing page URL.
Step 1: Start by determining your landing page URL. We suggest pointing to the page where you want the referee to complete an action (such as a purchase page or a lead generation form).
Step 2: Next, you will need to use the Google Analytics URL builder to tag your referral link. Here’s an external resource for building that URL. You will need to include the Campaign Source, Campaign Medium and Campaign Name. When complete, click “Generate URL.” 

Step 3: Once you’ve generated the URL, log into your Ambassador account and go to the “Campaigns" section in the navigation menu on the left. 

Step 4: Click “Edit” on the campaign you are adding the URL to.

Step 5: Within the “Campaign Setup," scroll down to the "Landing Pages" section. You can either edit the Default Landing Page or create a new one. Please note, the ability to create multiple landing pages is a feature on the Enterprise plan only. 

Step 6: Paste the new URL in the "Landing Page URL" field. 

Step 7: When complete, click “Save Landing Page” at the bottom.

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