There are several emails that will be sent to your ambassadors throughout their participation in your referral program. Customizing these email templates is an important part of branding your referral program.
 For more information on these emails, check out our support article: What emails can be sent by Ambassador?

How do I edit the emails sent to my ambassadors?

Follow these steps to begin customizing your email templates. Please note, when an ambassador is enrolled in multiple campaigns, default emails will override campaign emails.
Step 1: In the navigation menu on the left, click “Campaigns.”

Step 2: Once on this page, check the box next to your existing campaign and additional buttons will appear. Click the blue "Edit" button. 

Step 3: Next, click the "Emails" tab.

Step 4: On this page you will see a list of the available email templates to customize. Hover over the email template name and a "Customize" button will appear. Click the "Customize" button to begin editing that specific template. If you have already customized an email, a blue "Customized" banner will appear next to the email name.
Please note, the toggle button next to each email will enable or disable that particular email for the campaign you are editing. The New Ambassador, Fulfilled Payout, Ambassador Activated and Ambassador Deactivated emails can only be disabled on an account-level here

For additional email templates and preferences, click "Need advanced settings? Show advanced." 

Step 5: Within each template, you’ll find suggested copy that is populated for example purposes only. Edit the copy here to reflect your brand’s tone and voice. Please note, make sure you customize the footer to include your own address and social links.

At the top of each template, you'll find a list of merge tags you can use to pull corresponding information into your email. For example, if you edited the email body to say: "Welcome, {first_name}! We're excited to have you as an ambassador in the {company_name} referral program." that would pull in both the ambassador's first name and your company name.
Please note, by default, the Ambassador email templates pull in the {memorable_url} tag. We suggest updating this to the {campaign_link} tag to pull in the campaign link instead. For more information on difference between the campaign link and memorable URL, check out our support article: Campaign Link vs. Memorable URL Overview

Step 6: When you are finished making changes, click “Save Email.” You can use the “Send Test Email” functionality at the bottom of the template to send yourself a preview of the email. Please note, when you send a test email, sample data will be pulled in. For instance, the referral link will not be active and the name and commission amount will show example text like John and $1.99.


Do I need to customize all of the email templates?

No, it is not required to send all of the emails included in this list. Use the toggle button to the right of the email name to disable or enable that particular email for ambassadors in the campaign you are editing.
Please note, the notification settings for the New Ambassador, Fulfilled Payout, Ambassador Activated and Ambassador Deactivated emails are configured in your Settings. To disable or enable these emails, follow the steps in this support article: How do I enable/disable emails sent to my ambassadors?

Can I add my own HTML template?

Yes! Under the “Body” section, you’ll find several buttons to edit the email. At the far right, next to “Merge Tags” there is an arrow.

Click the button. An import template form will pop-up. Paste your HTML code into the form and click “Import.” 

To edit the HTML, click the button on the far left. 

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