With managed share links you can view, search and export all your ambassadors' share links.
For those on an Enterprise plan, you can also add new links and customize them with information such as the source, medium, a description and more. Creating a share link for your ambassador is a great way to provide them with a link that points to a specific product, service or promotion.


If you have an Enterprise plan, follow the steps below to create a new share link for your ambassador.
Step 1: In the navigation menu on the left, click "Share Links." You'll end up here.

Step 2: Once on this page, click the "Create Share Link" button in the top-right corner. 

Step 3: A pop-up will open that includes the following fields. 

  • Campaign: The campaign field is used to assign the link to a particular campaign.

  • Ambassador: This is where you will enter the email address of the ambassador.

  • Landing Page URL: When your ambassador shares their referral link, this is the URL their link will point to.

  • Description: The description is used to indicate how the link will be used. For instance, if the link points to a blog post for an upcoming webinar, you can write a brief description here to distinguish this link from others.

  • Source: You can fill in this field or leave it blank. The source is used to indicate where the referral originated from, such as a personal website, blog or Facebook.

  • Medium: You can fill in this field or leave it blank. The medium is used to indicate the type of content that was used when promoting the referral link, such as a video or article.

Step 4: When complete, click “Save" to create the share link. You can return to the "Share Links" section to edit the share links, including those created by your ambassadors. To edit a share link, simply check the box on the left-hand side and a blue "Edit" button will appear. Please note, the ability to edit links is only available on the Enterprise plan. 

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