A commission bonus allows you to provide your ambassador with a higher incentive based upon the number of referrals they generate. This bonus is an additional amount on top of the single event and recurring event commission structure for the campaign and will apply for each referral once the bonus threshold is reached.

How is the commission bonus calculated?

There are three different options you can use to calculate the commission bonus. 

  1. Based on total company referrals: This option will calculate a bonus commission based on the number of referrals an ambassador has generated across all of the campaigns they are enrolled in.

  2. Based on converted campaign referrals: This option will calculate a bonus commission based on the number of referrals an ambassador has made in the specific campaign you're editing.

  3. Calculate bonuses on monthly referrals: This calculation can be used in tandem with the options above to reset the commission bonus each month instead of making it ongoing.


How do I add a commission bonus?

Follow the steps below to add a commission bonus to your campaign.

Step 1: In the navigation menu on the left, click “Campaigns.”

Step 2: Once on this page, check the box next to your existing campaign and additional buttons will appear. Click the blue "Edit" button. 

Step 3: Next, click the "Commissions" tab. 

Step 4: On the "Commissions" page, scroll down to the "Commission Bonus" section. You will see a drop-down menu where you can select the trigger you would like to use to calculate the commission bonus.

After selecting an option, a check box appear that you can utilize if you wish to reset the bonus each month. 

Step 5: Using the "Add Bonus" button, you can add a single bonus or multiple bonuses to create additional commission tiers. Upon clicking the button, fields will appear to add the award type, amount and bonus threshold. Please note that there is no cap on commission bonuses, so you can offer as many as you would like to your ambassadors.

  • Award Type: This can be a flat amount or percentage. Please note, the commission option you select in the single event commission, monetary or non-monetary will be applied here as well. 

  • Amount: This is where you will add the additional commission amount you want to reward. Please note, the amount set here will be added to the single and recurring event commission, it is not the total amount you want to reward. 

  • Bonus Threshold: This is where you will indicate the number of referrals required to earn the bonus. Please note, this will apply to every commission at and after that threshold is met. The exception to this would be if referrals are set to be calculated on a monthly basis. 

As an example, let's say your single event commission is set to a flat monetary amount of $50. If you want to award $60 for 5 referrals or more and $75 for 10 referrals or more, this is what you would configure:

  1. Add one commission bonus for a flat $10 at a threshold of 5.

  2. Add a second commission bonus for a flat $15 at a threshold of 10.

In the above example, the ambassador would receive a $75 commission for every referral upon the 10th referral.
Step 6: Click “Save Campaign” when complete.

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