Adding an Identify method to your website will allow you to sign users into your Refer-a-Friend modules without prompting them for their email.

How do I add an Identify method?

Once you’ve added the code snippet to your website, adding an Identify method is easy!
Step 1: In the navigation menu on the left, click "Editor." You'll end up here

Step 2: To launch the Visual Editor, enter the URL where you want to identify a user, then click the blue “Go to...” button. 

Ambassador will then verify that the snippet code is present on the page before redirecting to your website.

Step 3: Once your website loads, you’ll notice a navigation bar on the left side of your page. Click the plus button in the top right corner of this navigation bar to add a new integration.

Step 4: Next, you’ll select “Identify” as the type of integration you want to add. 

Step 5: Enter a name for your integration and select the campaign, then click “Continue.”
TIP: We recommend creating a naming convention that allows you to easily distinguish between your RAF modules, conversions and identifiers (ex. Identify - Homepage).

Step 6: Next, you’ll be prompted to choose the email source. 

  • Query Parameter: If you’re storing variables about your user’s sessions in URL parameters, you can grab the email via a query parameter in the page URL. After selecting this option, you’ll enter the query parameter.

  • JavaScript Variable: If you’re storing JavaScript variables about your user’s sessions, you can grab the email from a JavaScipt variable on your page’s code. After selecting this option, you’ll enter the variable name.

Step 7: After choosing the email source and providing the query parameter or variable name, you’ll be provided with a summary of your selections. Click “Start Editing” to finish customizing your Identify method. 

Step 8: Your last step will be to confirm your settings. Within the “Advanced Settings” you can select the pages where you want the integration. 

Step 9: Once you’re done, click to “Save” your Identify method. When you click save, you’ll be asked whether or not you want to publish the integration to push it live. 

Please note, you can always return to the Editor to view and edit your integrations by launching the Visual Editor as you did in Steps 1 and 2. When the editor loads, you will see your available integrations. Simply click the integration you want to edit. 

To publish later, go back into the integration and use the toggle button at the top to push your Identify live. 


How do I SSO ambassadors into a RAF module?

After your identify method has been saved, you’ll need to open up the respective Refer-a-Friend module in the Visual Editor to configure how these two integrations will work together.
Step 1: Start by going to the Editor and launch your Refer-a-Friend module.

Step 2: Once the RAF module has loaded, scroll to the bottom of the "Settings" tab and click on the "Advanced Settings" option. 

Step 3: Under "SSO Options," you'll find three different ways your Identify integration can work with the Refer-a-Friend module. 

  • Enroll and log them in: Bypasses the "prompt" screen of the Refer-a-Friend module that requires an email address to be manually entered. This allows your ambassador to start sharing right away without any additional action.

  • Prompt them to opt-in: Requires the manual entry of an email address, but does require the contact to click a button to start sharing.

  • Prompt them for an email: Requires both an email address to be manually entered and a button click to begin sharing.

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