Creating a custom short domain is a great way to keep your branding consistent and provide a white labeled experience for your ambassadors. Please note, this feature is only available for those on the Enterprise plan.

What is a custom short domain?

The custom short domain acts as a vanity URL for your ambassador’s referral link. By default, the referral link is displayed like this: http://mbsy.co/abc12. By creating a custom short domain, it can instead appear as a more customized link like this: http://share.companyname.com/abc12. Please note that a custom short domain is campaign-specific.

How do I set up the custom short domain?

To enable the custom short domain, create a subdomain and point its CNAME DNS record to mbsy.co. This subdomain needs to be unique and cannot be in use anywhere else. Please note, do not attempt to point to our IP address.
Once configured, you can go to the "Campaign Setup" section in Ambassador and, upon clicking to view the advanced options, you'll see a field to enter the custom short domain. For step-by-step instructions, check out this support article: How do I create a campaign?

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