Within the portal, your ambassadors can access two link types, campaign link(s) and a memorable URL. These links are used in different scenarios and can be customized in separate ways.

When setting up your campaign, you will be required to add a landing page URL in the "Campaign Setup" section. This is an ambassador’s campaign link and it varies by campaign. When your ambassador shares their campaign link and someone clicks on it, the link will point to the URL you’ve designated. The campaign link looks like this: http://mbsy.co/cRJRQ
The memorable URL, in contrast, will remain the same for the duration of an ambassador’s participation in your referral program and points to the longest-running campaign the ambassador was enrolled in. The memorable URL contains your company name and looks like this: http://mbsy.co/yourcompanyname/19885199. In most cases, we recommend utilizing the ambassador's campaign link as it is a more diverse feature.


By default, the ambassador’s campaign link will be displayed as http://mbsy.co/ followed by their unique short code (ex. http://mbsy.co/cRJRQ). 

Enterprise Customizations: If you have an Enterprise plan, you can customize the link by setting up a custom short domain within your Campaign Setup. 

For example, if you create the subdomain share.yourcompanyname.com and point the CNAME DNS record to mbsy.co, you could create a vanity URL where the campaign link would be http://share.yourcompanyname.com/cRJRQ. This allows you to mask the mbsy.co portion of the link.

Once a custom short domain is configured, you can further customize the share code in the following ways: 

Please note, we suggest using the {campaign_link} tag in your transactional emails to pull in the campaign link. For more information on customizing your email templates, check out our support article: How do I customize emails sent by Ambassador?


Within the portal, the campaign link will be included in the top-right corner. 

If an ambassador is enrolled in multiple campaigns, the memorable URL and campaign links can be found in a drop-down menu titled “All Campaigns.” 

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