When you enable customization settings for share links, your ambassadors will be able to edit how their links appear, add parameters for further tracking and redirect their URL to different pages on your site. These settings provide your ambassadors with more customization and control over their referral links. Please note, this functionality is only available for those on the Enterprise plan.

What customizations can an ambassador make?

There are three main customizations for share links that can be configured in your campaign. Each setting can be used as a standalone feature or you can enable all three settings.  

  • Link Customization: Once an ambassador is enrolled in your campaign, they will automatically be assigned a share link that contains an alphanumeric short code at the end. If you allow links to be customized, the ambassador can replace the short code with a customized code. For example, if an ambassador's link is http://share.yourcompanyname.com/abc12, in the portal the ambassador could customize it to http://share.yourcompanyname.com/heather. Please note, to utilize this feature, you will need to have a custom short domain configured. For more details on setting up a custom short domain, check out this support article: Custom Short Domain Overview

  • Multiple Links: Allowing multiple links provides ambassadors with the option to create additional share links within your campaigns for improved analytics. Each link can be used to gain additional insight into the performance of different sources and mediums (ex. clicks, referrals and commissions earned).

  • Custom Landing Pages: Allowing custom landing pages provides your ambassadors with the option to set up a redirect URL for their share link. For example, let's say you configured the landing page URL to point to your homepage. With custom landing pages, your ambassador could configure their link to instead point to a blog post on your site that provides a compelling call to action about your service or product.


To enable this functionality, go to the "Campaign Setup" section in your campaign and navigate to the advanced settings. Once you toggle the various sharing settings on, your ambassadors will then be able to see these customization options in your portal. For step-by-step instructions, check out this support article: How do I create a campaign?

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