A Refer-a-Friend (RAF) module is a great way to quickly get ambassadors enrolled in your referral program and sharing your company with their network.
 With the statistics setting enabled, your ambassadors can directly track their performance from within your RAF module without needing portal access! Ambassadors will be able to view their shares and clicks as well as commissions earned and paid to date. 


How do RAF module statistics work?

When statistics are enabled, your ambassadors will see a section at the bottom of the share module with a prompt to view their stats. 

Upon clicking this button, the ambassador will receive a plain text email with a unique code to enter. After the code has been entered and verified, the ambassador will then be able to view their statistics. 


How do I enable statistics in a RAF module?

If you are building a brand new RAF module, follow the steps in this support article to get your module set up. In the configuration process, you'll be provided with the option to enable statistics.
If you have an existing RAF module that you want to configure to show statistics, follow the steps below.
Step 1: In the navigation menu on the left, click "Editor." You'll end up here

Step 2: When the Editor loads, you will see all of your available integrations. Simple click the integration you want to edit. 

Step 3: Once the integration is open, go to the "Widget" header and select "Statistics." 

Toggle "Statistics" on and you will then see options to customize this section of your RAF module. 

Step 4: Just like other areas of the RAF module, you can customize the text color, background color and button text.

You can also use the toggle buttons to determine what statistics to display and the name for each statistic. Optional statistics to display include:

  • Shares: How many times the ambassador shared their referral link with their network.

  • Clicks: How many times the ambassador's referral link was clicked.

  • Earned: Any pending or approved commissions the ambassador earned.

  • Paid: How much the ambassador was paid to date.

Step 5: Once you’re done modifying the copy, design and share functionality, click to “Save” your RAF module.

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