Once your campaign is created and you've set up a payment option, you can configure payment methods on a campaign-by-campaign basis. For more information on monetary payment options, check out our support article: Cash Payment Methods & Fees Overview

Additionally, you can save time by setting a payment schedule to automate payouts by campaign! You can schedule payments to all of your Ambassadors with approved commissions on an immediately, weekly or monthly basis. Please note, automated payouts are only available for Professional and Enterprise plans.


How do I configure my payment method(s)?

After setting up your payment options here, follow the steps below to configure a payment method and optional payment schedule within your campaign.

Step 1
: In the navigation menu on the left, click “Campaigns.”

Step 2: Once on this page, check the box next to your existing campaign and additional buttons will appear. Click the blue "Edit" button.

Step 3: Next, click the "Payments" tab to begin enabling payment methods.

Step 4: Under "Payment Methods" any payment options you have configured here will be visible to enable. Use the toggle to enable a particular payment option for your campaign. Please note, Manual payouts will always show as an option. This indicates a payment being made manually outside of Ambassador (such as cutting a check). 

Step 5 (Optional): If you choose to enable multiple payment methods in your campaign, make sure you set a primary method for automating payments. 

For example, let's say you've set a schedule to pay ambassadors with approved commissions on a weekly basis. If you enabled both PayPal (primary) and Visa Prepaid Cards (secondary) as payment methods, the automation settings would first attempt to pay ambassadors via PayPal. If no PayPal email is present for the ambassador, it would then default to paying ambassadors via your secondary payment method. 

Step 6 (Optional): Next, you can select a payment schedule if you would prefer to automate payments rather than handling them manually. If you prefer to handle payments manually, keep the frequency set to "Off." 

To set up automated payouts, start by selecting the frequency: 

  • Immediate: Commissions will be paid out immediately upon approval. 

  • Weekly: Select a day of the week that commissions should be paid (ex. every Friday). 

  • Monthly: Select a day of the month that commissions should be paid (ex. every month on the 1st). 

Next, add a minimum and maximum payment threshold. Please note, by default, the maximum payment is set to $5,000. If this amount does not make sense for your program, you can override this amount. 

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