Whether you're looking to target a new audience or offer a subset of ambassadors a higher incentive, building a new campaign is a great way to expand your program! 

Let's say you have a customer campaign that has been performing well. In that campaign, ambassadors earn $25 for every friend they refer. With the help of your Success Coach, you've identified a group of VIP customers that are sending a higher volume of referrals. If you want to reward those VIPs with a higher reward, such as $35 per referral, you can easily build a new campaign to accomplish this. 

Follow our shortcuts below to simplify the process of creating a new campaign!

Cloning an Existing Campaign

Using our new campaign cloning feature, you can duplicate all of the settings for an existing campaign with the click of a button. 

When you clone a campaign all of the existing settings, such as messaging, segments and more, will be duplicated into a brand new campaign. Your new campaign will be saved in test mode so you can make an necessary updates before pushing it live. 

In the example above, you would need to update the campaign's commission amount from $25 to $35 as well as any required updates to messaging in your emails to ambassadors. You should also update the linked segment to limit access to your VIP customers only.

: Need a refresher on how to move a campaign from test to live? Follow the steps in this support article. We recommend setting up tracking for your new campaign and completing end-to-end testing prior to pushing live. This will ensure referrals are tracking as expected. 


Cloning an Existing Editor Integration

In addition to cloning your campaign, you can also clone Editor integrations such as a Refer-a-Friend (RAF) module, conversion, welcome message or identify method. 

To clone an integration, navigate to the Editor and hover over the integration you want to duplicate. A copy button will appear followed by a prompt asking where you would like to add the cloned integration. 

As with a cloned campaign, your new integration will be saved in an unpublished state so you can make any updates prior to publishing the integration. For example, if cloning a RAF module, you would want to update the "Settings" to change the associated campaign as well as the segment in the Advanced Settings. For a conversion, you would also need to update the associated campaign under "Variables."  

Using the initial example, if you had a conversion and RAF module set up for an existing campaign, you would need to clone those individual integrations to set up enrollment and tracking for your cloned campaign. After making settings updates, you can then update any messaging in the RAF module, such as the call-to-action in the "Prompt." 

TIP: Need a refresher on how to make changes to your RAF module or conversion? Follow the steps in the linked articles.  

Still have questions? 

We recommend reaching out to your dedicated Success Coach when building a new campaign. Your coach will be able to provide further technical and strategic guidance regarding these updates to your program. For example, if you're tracking via the API, you may need to make additional updates. 

Please note, campaign cloning functionality is only supported if you have additional campaigns available. If you require additional campaigns, please reach out to our Support team. 

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