By enabling roll-up reporting, you can provide ambassadors at the top of a hierarchy with the ability to view commission activity in the portal tied to other individuals that are lower in the hierarchy.

How does this work? 

Here's an example scenario of how you may utilize the hierarchy roll-up reporting for a partner program. 

  • Matt is an area manager that has a 15 person sales team. He is at the top of a hierarchy and wants to see all of his team's referral commissions in his own portal account. 

  • When an area manager, such as Matt, is created as an ambassador, you will assign a unique identifier (UID) to their contact profile. 

  • For any commissions generated by Matt's sales team members, you would pass through Matt's contact UID via a custom commission property. 

  • Once commissions are created for his sales team members with his contact UID, Matt would see all of their commissions in his portal within the "Commissions" tab.


How do I set up contact UIDs and custom properties?

Hierarchy roll-up reporting requires the use of contact UIDs and other custom properties. 

  • Contact UIDs: This a unique identifier for your ambassador. This UID can be set in API calls, on a contact's profile, via JavaScript variables in the Refer-a-Friend module or even included when adding contacts manually or via imports

  • Custom Properties: These are used to gather information about individual contacts and commissions. Please note, there are a limited number of custom contact and commission properties available in your account.

To set up and enable custom properties, navigate to your "Account" Settings

Once enabled, commission properties can be passed through in an API call or conversion as the system ID event_data1, event_data2 or event_data3. Please note, the event data label used will depend on which commission property it is mapped to. In the example screenshot, you would utilize event_data1. 


How do I enable hierarchy roll-up reporting?

Once you've taken the necessary steps to configure contact UIDs and custom properties to support this feature, you will enable the setting to show this roll-up information to ambassadors in the portal. 

Step 1: Navigate to the "Campaigns" section of your account and open the particular campaign you wish to edit.

Step 2: Within the campaign, you can enable the hierarchy roll-up reporting setting in the "Portal" options. 

Step 3: Simply toggle on "Hierarchy Roll-Up Reporting" to provide ambassadors visibility of associated roll-up commissions in the portal. 

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