You'll often hear our team of Success Coaches recommend taking the extra time to customize your referral program. Why is it so valuable though? A program that has a more personalized feel is far more likely to resonate with ambassadors, as well as the individuals they refer. Word-of-mouth marketing is built entirely on trust; so any time you can help amplify the experience of a personalized recommendation, you'll be driving more referrals and conversions! 

We recently chatted with Kelsey Brannan, Head of Creative Growth at Wipster, to learn more about how she's optimizing their program by customizing the experience for affiliates.

Taking it to the next level with personalized landing pages

While Wipster is creating a custom experience at every stage, our favorite way that Kelsey is personalizing their program is via custom landing pages. 

Rather than simply providing their ambassadors with a generic share link that points to the homepage, Kelsey has taken the time to build out unique landing pages for some of their top affiliates. These landing pages include an image of the affiliate, a link to the affiliate's work as well as a call-to-action to sign up for a Wipster account. 

Why we love this idea

The custom landing pages Wipster provides are mutually beneficial. While Wipster is ultimately driving referees to the desired outcome of signing up for a free trial, affiliates also benefit from the promotion. For Gene, Wipster is linking to his YouTube channel and for Hayley, they're driving to her company website. 

Since Wipster works with a variety of affiliates, from video production and editing teams to small agencies, they can focus the page on the affiliate's unique expertise. Each page highlights product features that are most likely to convert with that affiliate's audience.

So you may be asking yourself, is it worth the effort?

Absolutely! In our experience across thousands of referral programs, the effort put in will always directly correlate to the results you'll see with the program. 

Once Kelsey created a landing page template, building out new custom landing pages was simply a matter of duplicating the page and swapping out images and links. 

"Anything to personalize and show the value back to them makes a huge difference," said Kelsey. "It’s all about making it special for your affiliates." 

Meet Wipster! 

Wipster is a feedback and collaboration tool for creative projects. You can upload creative campaign materials, such as videos, photos, PDFS, GIFS, and audio, for review. You can share them for feedback and for final delivery. 

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