The options for how and where your ambassadors share are even more expansive thanks to native sharing! This new button for your Refer-a-Friend module allows ambassadors to select from even more applications to give them greater control over where their referral link is posted. 

Native Sharing In Action

In the example below, your ambassador can utilize the "Share Via" button to send their referral link, and your pre-populated share copy, to a friend within a text message. Just like our existing share buttons, ambassadors can either send the message with the copy you've provided or make edits for a more personalized touch.

That's not all! Ambassadors can also use the button to send their link via their favorite applications. So if you've ever had an interest in allowing your ambassadors to share their link using applications such as WhatsApp, this is a great way to do so! 

Even better? Enabling this new sharing option requires no development resources. Simply log in and go to the Editor to toggle this button on in your Refer-a-Friend modules.

Ready to enable native sharing? 

Let's get started!

Launch the Editor and select a Refer-a-Friend module to edit. Once in the integration, go to the "Channels" tab and navigate to the "Native Share" section. Use the toggle button to turn native sharing on.  

From there, you can add pre-written copy in the text box for your ambassadors to share along with their link.

Need a refresher on building the a Refer-a-Friend module? 

Check out our support article for an in-depth review of how to build and customize a RAF module: How do I create a Refer-a-Friend (RAF) module?

If you need further assistance setting up the native share option, please reach out to your dedicated Success Coach. We're happy to help! 

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