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3 Simple Ways to Leverage Referrals Using Your Existing Marketing Strategy
3 Simple Ways to Leverage Referrals Using Your Existing Marketing Strategy
Implement these three easy ideas now to integrate the referral program into your marketing mix!
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One of the most common misconceptions we hear when it comes to nurturing a referral program is that it will require too many resources. While we certainly don't recommend a "set-it-and-forget-it" approach, many times it's easy to overlook simple ways to integrate your referral program in your existing marketing strategy. 

Below you'll find three easy ideas you can implement today to give more visibility to your program.

1. Don't Reinvent the Wheel 💡

Dedicated emails for your program are a great way to engage your ambassadors longterm, but don't forget that you already have tried and true marketing tactics that you can leverage. For example, maybe you send a monthly newsletter that has great open rates. Adding a simple call-to-action in the footer that reminds ambassadors they can earn for referring a friend helps keep your program top-of-mind. 

Check out this example from our own newsletter:

2. Engage with Positive Feedback 🤩

Don't get stuck in the rut of only responding to customers when they are upset. Utilize opportunities where you're receiving positive feedback to promote the referral program. Perhaps you have a slew of 4-5 star reviews on your Facebook page. Or maybe you're sending customers an NPS survey or even having them rate the support they've received. 

Respond to those giving you a glowing review to thank them and let them know they can earn for referring their friends. Your customers will be grateful to know about an easy way to earn some extra cash for sharing and you'll have enrolled a new ambassador!

3. Go Where Your Ambassadors Are 🎯

You've taken the first step to setup a Refer-a-Friend module, but have you added it to locations where your ambassadors are most engaged? For eCommerce clients especially, customers are at a moment of peak excitement post-purchase, so add a Refer-a-Friend module to your order confirmation page! 

On the other hand, for B2B clients, ambassadors may be most active when logged into their account. Next time you log into your Ambassador account, click "Share the love" in the navigation menu to access the Refer-a-Friend module for our own referral program!

PRO TIP: Clone existing RAF modules by hovering over the integration name in the Editor. A copy icon will appear that can be used to duplicate all of the settings from your existing module! Once cloned, don't forget to assign the correct campaign and segment under the Settings before publishing.

Let's get started! 

We hope these recommendations provide you with some inspiration. If you're looking for more specific ideas, send an email to your designated Success Coach. Our team is happy to help provide additional suggestions tailored to your program.

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