Easily manage your program data and stats by generating a one-time or recurring export to be sent to team members with an Ambassador login. The scheduled exports feature allows you to configure recurring exports to arrive in your inbox on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

How do I create a recurring export?

There are 5 main tables that can be scheduled for export. Those tables include: Campaigns, Contacts, Commissions, Payment History and Share Links. Data can be scheduled to export from any of these sections following the steps below. 

Step 1: In the right-hand corner, above the table that you want to export, click the “Export” button. 

Step 2: In the drop-down menu, click “Create new export.”

Step 3: From the export modal, select “Yes, this is a recurring report.” Please note, if you want to send a one-time CSV export you would select “No, this report will only be sent once” and continue on with inputting recipient emails and sending the report.

Step 4: For scheduled exports, complete all of the fields and select the frequency of the export.

  • Name: Provide a name that will help you identify the scheduled export.

  • Description: Write a brief description of the export you have scheduled.

  • Recipients: Select the email address(es) you would like the export to be sent to. Please note, the export can only be sent to team members with an Ambassador log in.

  • Subject: Write a subject line that your recipients will see when they receive the export email.

  • Message (optional): Write a message that will be included in the email body.

  • Frequency: Select how often the export will be sent. You can select Daily, Weekly or Monthly. Please note, an initial delivery date must be selected if choosing Weekly or Monthly exports.

Step 5: After you’ve completed all of the fields and selected the frequency of the export, click the blue “Create Recurring Export” button. 

The completed export will be emailed to the recipients you selected with a link to access a CSV file.

How do I manage a recurring export?

To edit or delete your scheduled exports:

Step 1: Navigate to the “Tasks” section in the navigation menu on the left, then click on “View All” in the tasks drawer. 

This will take you to the complete list of scheduled exports. Please note, you can also access the tasks table by clicking on the “Export” drop-down from a table and clicking on “Manage scheduled exports.”

Step 2: In the tasks table, select the scheduled export you would like to edit. 

Step 3: From the tasks table you can edit or delete a scheduled export, stop a processing export and download the CSV file of a completed export.

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