A new feature is on the way to help you communicate and engage with your ambassadors. Our highly-anticipated Engagement functionality allows you to send targeted and evergreen emails, all without having to leave the Ambassador platform! 

We've heard nothing but positive feedback from the clients that are currently beta testing and we can hardly wait to get it in your hands next month. In the meantime, we want to help you prepare. We've provided recommendations below for how you can best utilize this new feature to activate your ambassadors. 

Start considering your strategy and developing your email content now so you're ready to hit the ground running as soon as Engagement goes live!

Determining Your Engagement Strategy

Start by revisiting your short and long-term goals for the program and your company. Perhaps you have recently begun launching more virtual events and want to drive your ambassadors to enroll. Or maybe you want to increase the number of referrals ambassadors are generating while decreasing the time it it takes for ambassadors to see success. 

Here are six common use cases where Engagement can help! 

  1. Promoting Virtual Events
    Targeted emails allow you to send a one-time communication to a specific segment of ambassadors. If your company is hosting a webinar, this is a great way to promote the event to your ambassadors – whether it is encouraging them to sign up, sending a reminder or even sharing content following the event.
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  2. Sharing a Limited-Time Offer
    Gearing up for a big promotion or annual sale such as Cyber Monday? Get the word out to ambassadors by sending a targeted email promoting your limited-time offer.

  3. Testing an Incentive Increase
    Want to test an incentive increase to see if ambassadors are more motivated to refer? When testing a new incentive, communication is absolutely key. Send a targeted email to get ambassadors excited and let them know exactly how long they can enjoy the new commission structure.
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  4. Setting New Ambassadors Up for Success
    Unlike targeted emails, evergreen emails are sent based on particular conditions being met, such as an ambassador enrolling 7 days ago. One of the best ways to ensure your ambassadors are successful from the start is to offer tips and tricks for how to get the most out of your referral program. Utilize the drip functionality in evergreen emails to send a series of emails starting one week after ambassadors enroll in your program. Each email in the flow can provide a new recommendation.

  5. Reengaging Dormant Ambassadors
    In addition to time-based conditions, you can also use activity-based conditions to trigger an evergreen email. For example, activate your dormant ambassadors by setting up an engagement for anyone that has been enrolled for 60 days with 0 referrals. Make sure you highlight how easy it is to refer and earn.

  6. Encouraging Sharing
    Keep the program top-of-mind with reminders to share! Send an evergreen email to ambassadors that haven't shared in the last 30 days with a reminder to refer a friend. Provide recommendations on what to share and who your ideal customer is to refer.

These are just a few ways you can utilize Engagement. Take it from our Senior Success Coach, Crystal McHenry, "There is not a single client that wouldn't benefit from using Engagement. The flexibility of Engagement allows for endless possibilities for communicating with your ambassadors!"  

If you're looking for more ideas, reach out to your designated Success Coach and she or he will be happy to brainstorm additional ways Engagement can help accomplish your goals. 

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