If you suspect that an ambassador has made a self-referral or notice other suspicious activity, you are able to ban the ambassador from your referral program. Once an ambassador is banned, they will be prevented from accessing any current or future campaigns.

Please note, if you are on our Enterprise plan, we recommend enabling our Security functionality to flag suspicious ambassadors and commissions. Learn more about Security in our support article: Security Overview

How do I ban an ambassador?

To ban an ambassador from your referral program, follow these steps.

Step 1: In the navigation menu on the left, click "Contacts." 

Step 2: In the "Ambassadors" tab, search for the ambassador by email address. 

Step 3: Next, click the box next to the ambassador’s email address. Several buttons will appear at the top, click “Update Status.

Step 4: A modal will then appear, under "Update Status," select "Ban" and then click "Next."

Step 5: Under "Notify" you can opt to send the Ambassador Deactivated email or nothing. We recommend not sending anything. After selecting an option, click "Next." If you need a refresher on the Ambassador Deactivated email, check out our support article: What emails can be sent by Ambassador?

Step 6: Review your selections in the last step and click "Update Status" to ban the ambassador. 

To view your banned contacts, go to the "Banned” tab.

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