You can send payments to ambassadors with a gift or prepaid card of your choice via instant email delivery. There are a variety of card options from Amazon gift cards to Visa prepaid cards. For more information about available card options, check out our support article: Cash Payment Methods and Fees

How do I set up gift cards?

Follow these steps to set up gift or prepaid cards as your payment method.
Step 1: Go to the navigation menu on the left and click "Settings."

Step 2: Next, click the “Payments” tab.

Step 3: Under “Payment Methods,” hover your mouse over “Prepaid & Gift Cards” and you’ll see a button appear. Click “Configure” and you’ll end up here.

Step 4: Next, use the toggle button to enable gift cards as a payment method. Once enabled, you'll be able to view details for funding your account as well as a list of available cards based on your currency. 


How do I fund my account?

Accounts are funded in USD via wire transfer.  If you are utilizing a currency other than USD for your account, funds will be converted from USD to the currency set in your Ambassador account at the time a payout is made. 

When wiring funds, be sure to include the beneficiary, bank, account number, routing number, SWIFT code and memo provided in your Ambassador account. The memo field in particular will be used to identify and fund your individual account.

TIP: We recommend utilizing the "Click to copy" button to avoid any delays in funds being transferred due to accounting errors. This button is accessed by hovering over each line item under "Routing Information."

Please note, if you would prefer to send the transfer via ACH, you will copy all of the same details from the "Routing Information" section with the exception of the SWIFT code. This code is specific to wire transfers.  

How long will it take for funds to appear?

Funds typically take 1-2 business days to appear in your account when you wire funds. Please note, if you send funds via ACH transfer, it typically takes 2-3 business days.

Are there any fees associated?

Any potential fees that are incurred via wire or ACH transfer are based on your individual bank. Please reach out to your bank to determine what, if any, fees you may incur.

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