Ambassador offers several payout methods to reward commissions that your ambassadors have earned. Cash payout methods include gift and prepaid cards, and PayPal.

What gift and prepaid card types are available?

Gift and prepaid cards are available based on the currency set in your account. These cards do have limits for the minimum and maximum value that can be issued in a single payment. Limits are indicated next to each card type. 

  • USD: Amazon.com (up to $2,000), Reward Link - Tango Card (up to $2,000), Target ($1 - $2,000) and Visa ($5 - $1,000)

TIP: For USD payments, Reward Link (Tango Card) is a great option if you would like to provide your ambassadors with the option to choose their own card. Once issued, the ambassador can redeemed for cards such as Starbucks and BestBuy, or even donate to a non-profit organization such as the American Cancer Society.

  • GBP: Amazon.co.uk (up to £1,000) and MasterCard (£5 - £750)

  • EUR: Amazon.it (up to €5,000), Amazon.es (up to €5,000) and MasterCard (€5 - €750)

  • CAD: Amazon.ca (up to $2,000) and Visa ($5 - $750)

  • AUD: MasterCard ($5 - $750)

Overall, the major difference between gift and prepaid cards is that gift cards do not expire. If you select a prepaid card, such as Visa or MasterCard, the card will expire. For prepaid cards, once payment is sent your ambassadors will receive an email with a redemption URL. The ambassador will have 4 months to claim their prepaid card. Once activated, they'll have 7 months to use the prepaid card wherever Visa Debit or MasterCard Debit is accepted.

Payments through PayPal business accounts

You can easily send cash to your ambassador’s PayPal email via your own PayPal account. The direct PayPal integration provides the option to send payment from your PayPal account.
If you have ambassadors located in different countries, PayPal is a great option as it allows your ambassador to convert their reward to the currency of their choice.

What fees are associated with each of these payment methods?

Gift & Prepaid Cards: Gift cards do not incur any fees. The only potential fees are for prepaid cards (Visa and MasterCard).

  • Physical Card Fee: By default, all prepaid cards will be issued digitally for the full card value. If an ambassador selects instead to receive a physical card in the mail, a $3 fee will be deduction from the card value.

  • Combined Card Fee: If an ambassador receives multiple prepaid cards, they will have an option to group these cards into a single card for the total combined value. A convenience fee of 5% of the total redemption value will be deducted from the value of the new card. This fee is a $1 minimum and will not exceed $5. 

PayPal: All PayPal fees are incurred by you, not your ambassadors. The exact fee is dependent upon whether you are using MassPay or the REST integration. MassPay is an older option that is being phased out. For a full breakdown of the latest fees, check out PayPal's Merchant Fees page.

How do I configure my preferred method of payment?

For help setting up the PayPal REST integration or gift cards as your preferred method of payment, follow the step-by-step instructions in these support articles: 

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