When paying out a gift card or prepaid card, the card information will be delivered to your ambassador via email. This Gift Card Payout email is configured in your campaign settings. If you need to update your email template, follow the steps in this support article: How do I customize emails sent by Ambassador?
 Occasionally, an ambassador may ask you for these card details. The information provided to your ambassador will depend on the card type they receive. These are our most commonly used card types and details provided:

  • Visa Prepaid Card: Digital token and redemption URL

  • Amazon: Card number

  • Tango Card: Card number and card pin

How do I look up a card details sent to my ambassador?

Follow these steps to look up card details for a specific ambassador.
Step 1: In the navigation menu on the left, click "Contacts." 

Step 2: In the "Ambassadors" tab, search for the ambassador by email address.

Step 3: Next, click the ambassador's email address to go to their contact profile. 

Step 4: In the "All Activity" feed, you'll see everything from clicks and shares to commissions and payouts.

Use the drop-down menu on the right to filter to "Payouts" only. 

Step 5: Next, hover over the payout and an info button will appear. 

Step 6: Click the info button and a modal will appear with the payout details.
In this example, the payout is a Visa Prepaid Card and you would copy the both the "Digital Token" and "Redemption URL."

In this example, the payout is an Amazon gift card and you would copy the "Gift Card Claim Code." 

In this example, the payout is a Tango Card and you would copy the "Card Number" and the "Card Pin." 

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